3 Office Furniture Trends That are Gaining Traction in 2019

office furniture trends

We are taking a look at three office furniture trends that are rising in popularity this year.

Although there is something to be said about simple, straightforward design, looking at your office’s layout and furniture with a critical eye can help you make choices that make your office a better and more comfortable place to work. Office design, like any other artistic genre, has ebbs and flows where certain types of furniture, office layout, and color are popular. Some people have seen a marked resurgence in the 1960s-era office furniture, and open floor plans have gained popularity as well. Today, we are taking a look at three office furniture trends that are rising in popularity this year.

1. Shared Tables

Shared tables allow unparalleled collaboration between employees and even entire departments. Especially in creative fields, having large work tables where anyone can come over and work with others allows for an invaluable exchange of ideas. Try placing large tables in multi-functional break areas, open offices, and other common areas to create a laid back atmosphere that fosters creative cooperation and productivity. Shared tables will be extremely popular with the extroverts in your office.

2. Privacy Pods

While working with others has its benefits, there is something to be said for working alone. Private areas are essential if your office has an open floor plan, as not all employees do their best work with others. Although some companies are creating full telephone booth-style private areas, you can find that high-backed chairs and workspaces that face walls can create the perfect alcove for the solo worker to shine. Make sure that your areas of refuge have plenty of power outlets so that introverts can bring their laptops and other tech with them.

3. Comfortable Furniture

One of the biggest trends this year (thankfully!) has been using comfortable furniture. Office designers are leaning towards creating casual environments that mimic home. These are especially valuable in creative and high-stress fields, as comfortable furniture can ease tension and allow creative types to let their minds wander — in a productive way, of course! Try choosing furniture with fewer hard lines. Pieces that are comfortable and welcoming will help your employees feel more at ease. Who knows, they may even enjoy coming to the office more!

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