7 Things to Ask Your Commercial Furniture Supplier

commercial furniture supplier

Here are some questions you should ask your potential commercial furniture supplier before making your final choice in furniture supply and installation.

When you’re looking for a commercial furniture supplier, you have a lot to take into consideration. You want someone who fits your company’s morality as well as your budget. You want someone who can accommodate your aesthetic and help guide your decisions. Once you have some options lined up, here are some questions you should ask before making your final choice in furniture supply and installation.

Design Vision

When you’re questioning prospective vendors keep your long term vision in mind. Sure they can likely meet your supply needs now, but will they be able to as your business grows? Your business may need to grow substantially or shift office design and  furniture styles to foster more collaborative work. You need a commercial furniture supplier who can change with you.

Product Range

Next you need to ask about the range of furniture options they can supply and the types of spaces they can furnish. You likely have many types of spaces, from lobby areas to cubicles to break rooms, that will all need appropriate furniture. You may also have different employees with different furniture needs, such as ergonomic chairs or standing desks. Choose a vendor that can accommodate all of your needs.


Ask about any provided warranties on the products your potential furniture supplier sells. Many manufacturers provide warranties but they differ greatly in terms of coverage and length.

Costs And Financing

Make sure they will have options that fit in your budget before you commit to a supplier. It is important to be honest about your furniture needs and budget. You could also consider finding out if they offer financing or leasing options if you have more needs than budget.


Ask about the options for delivery and the standard delivery time frame. There may come a day when you need to change your furniture quickly – to set up for a larger than normal meeting, for instance – and you need a supplier who can respond to this need in time.

Used Products

If going green and environmental responsibility is a large part of your brand or company morality, ask your prospective suppliers if they offer used furniture. This is also a good question if you have a very tight budget, as used furniture can give you better bang for your buck.

Quality And Durability

Ask about the quality of their furniture and ask to see samples. Take the time to try out chairs and inspect other pieces and pay attention to how well the drawers work especially when they have weight in them. They should also be able to provide specification sheets that outline the durability of each piece of furniture they provide.

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