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Come see us at Edwards & Hill for all of your healthcare furniture and medical equipment needs for your facility in Richmond Heights, MO.

If you’re looking to bring in new furniture to your existing healthcare facility or you’re just starting one up, you should come to see us at Edwards & Hill! We carry an extensive catalog of quality healthcare furniture and products, and we offer one-on-one consultations to help you find exactly what you’re looking for without going over your budget. We also offer additional services, such as signage, wayfinding, art installation, sound masking, and interior design. We can also furnish staff areas within your facility, such as the cafeteria and offices. With Edwards & Hill, you never have to worry about dealing with third-party contractors during installation, either. We have a full-time installation team on staff, so you will get quality assistance and care from start to finish.

Hospitals & Healthcare Clinics

  • Antiseptic: One of the most important aspects of healthcare furniture for hospitals and clinics is its aseptic properties. This furniture should be made from materials that are easy to clean, as well as avoid an excessive amount of nooks and crannies where dust, dirt, viruses, and bacteria can take refuge in. Vulnerable populations such as the young, elderly, and immunocompromised are often found in hospitals and clinics, so maintaining a clean environment is critical.
  • Durable: Hospitals and healthcare clinics have a lot of guests every single day, and that means the furniture is going to experience frequent heavy use. This is why it’s important that your facility has very durable furniture that can withstand wear and tear for years, otherwise, it would have to be replaced frequently and could cost the facility a significant amount of money.
  • Accessibility: People with various levels of mobility are visiting hospitals and healthcare clinics regularly, and they need accommodating furniture options in order to stay comfortable.

Senior Living & Long-Term Care

  • Antiseptic: Just like hospitals and clinics, senior living and long-term care centers should focus on having furniture that is antiseptic and easy to keep free of bacteria and viruses. For senior living centers, the residents are elderly, while long-term care centers are for those who are critically ill. In both of these cases, the patients and residents have weakened immune systems that struggle to fight off potential illness.
  • Durable: For both senior living and long-term care centers, the patients and residents are living in the facility either permanently or for an extended period of time. This means any furniture in the facility is likely experiencing heavy use by those staying there, as well as by their caretakers. The furniture needs to be durable to avoid accidents and a need for regular replacement.
  • Accessibility: Similar to hospitals and clinics as well, accessibility needs to be considered when choosing furniture for these facilities. The elderly and chronically ill will experience varying levels of mobility that need to be accommodated.
  • Aesthetic: While hospitals and clinics are welcome to keep a sterile overall aesthetic, a senior living or long-term care center will likely want to choose furniture that lends itself to an interior design aspect. These facilities are unique because the patients are also often residents, and nobody wants to feel like they’re living in a hospital.

Healthcare Equipment & Supplies

Not only do we offer quality healthcare furniture at Edwards & Hill, but we are also a trusted supplier of healthcare equipment and supplies. There’s no need to go to multiple businesses for all of your healthcare facility’s needs—at Edwards & Hill, we’ve got you covered!

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