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Edwards & Hill Healthcare Furniture Kansas City MO

If you need healthcare furniture, equipment, supplies, and other services for your Kansas City facility, Edwards & Hill is ready to help!

If you’re getting ready to open a new healthcare facility or you’re looking to update your current Kansas City facility, you should come and see us at Edwards & Hill. We have an extensive catalog of quality healthcare furniture, expert staff that can help you find what you need with a one-on-one consultation, various other available services (such as signage, wayfinding, art installation, soundproofing, and interior design), and a full-time installation team. So, not only can you find just about everything you need for your healthcare facility right here at Edwards & Hill, but you can also count on us to handle the job from start to finish.

Hospitals & Healthcare Clinics

  • Antiseptic: Hospitals and healthcare clinics are a hotbed for all kinds of germs, bacteria, and viruses. Unfortunately, that leaves some vulnerable populations at risk of infection while at one of these facilities. Healthcare furniture needs to be antiseptic and easy to clean in order to make it difficult for these bacteria and viruses to lie in wait and infect unsuspecting patients.
  • Durable: Healthcare furniture is in constant use, so it needs to be durable and suited for extensive wear and tear. Healthcare furniture that is not durable and sturdy can pose a safety risk to patients, and it will need regular replacement, which will get expensive quickly.
  • Accessible: Patients that frequent hospitals and healthcare clinics will have varying levels of mobility, and the same may also be true of staff members. This is why any furniture in your healthcare facility needs to be accessible to everyone who comes in.

Senior Living & Long-Term Care

Senior living and long-term care facilities need all of the same healthcare furniture qualities as other healthcare facilities, but they also need to emphasize aspects that traditional healthcare facilities don’t—namely comfort and aesthetics. Senior living and long-term care facilities are in-patient facilities, which means they function as a home for those who are being cared for or treated there. It’s critical that available furniture isn’t just functional but also nice to look at and comfortable to use.

Healthcare Equipment & Supplies

At Edwards & Hill, we aren’t just trusted distributors of quality healthcare furniture that offer other various services for your Kansas City healthcare facility—we are also trusted distributors of healthcare equipment and supplies.

No matter what you need for your Kansas City healthcare facility, Edwards & Hill has you covered!

Choose Edwards & Hill for Your Healthcare Furniture in Kansas City, MO

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