High-Quality Healthcare Furniture in Saint Louis City, MO

Edwards & Hill Healthcare Furniture Saint Louis City

If you need healthcare furniture for your hospital, clinic, senior living center, or long-term care facility in Saint Louis City—come see us at Edwards & Hill!

Whether you need to update your current healthcare facility or you’re starting up a new practice in Saint Louis City, Edwards & Hill is ready to help you find what you need for a successful business that is comfortable for everyone. We also have a full-time installation team on staff, so you never have to deal with third-party contractors that might not be up to standard. Our team is held accountable, and they’ll do the job right while respecting your business. We have high-quality healthcare furniture for many different kinds of healthcare facilities, so come on in and talk to us about what you’re looking for. We’re happy to help!

Hospitals & Healthcare Clinics

  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities need furniture that is easy to clean. All manner of bacteria and viruses are rotating through the facility on a regular basis, making it much more important to sanitize and fully disinfect every area that patients and staff come in contact with.
  • We also provide healthcare furniture that is safe for people with disabilities. The world is becoming more accessible every day, and it has always been incredibly important for healthcare facilities to lead the charge.
  • As with all of our furniture options, Edwards & Hill has a large catalog of highly durable healthcare furniture. Scratches and dents that are hard to clean can become a breeding ground for bacteria, so it’s critical to have high-quality healthcare furniture that is resistant to wear and tear.
  • We don’t just have hospital beds and lobby room chairs—Edwards & Hill can also provide furniture for your cafeteria and staff areas, as well as offer additional services such as signage and wayfinding.

Senior Living & Long-Term Care

  • Just like with other healthcare facilities, an important factor when considering furniture for senior living and long-term care facilities is safety for the disabled. We understand that the elderly and sick need to be handled with care and that means their furniture needs to be accessible for them and easy to use no matter what their situation is.
  • People who are elderly or chronically ill are at higher risk for serious infections when exposed to bacteria and viruses, so furniture that is easy to clean is critical for making sure their health is taken seriously.
  • For senior living and long-term care facilities, you want to keep them from looking too sterile—after all, your patients are also your residents. It’s important to have furniture that is safe and accessible while also making sure it’s comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Healthcare Equipment & Supplies

Edwards & Hill is a trusted supplier of healthcare equipment and supplies, so if you’re in the market for a full upgrade or you’re starting a new clinic, you only have to make one stop to find everything you need to get your business running. Save time and money by choosing Edwards & Hill for all of your healthcare furniture and equipment needs for your Saint Louis City business.

Choose Edwards & Hill for Your Healthcare Furniture in Saint Louis City, MO

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