How To Organize Your Office Desk


Learn how to organize your desk properly.

When it comes to being productive and efficient at work, you have to be organized at all times.  One of the most important areas to focus on when it comes to organization is your office desk because you spend most of your time working there.  You need a workspace that is clutter free and clear of all distractions.  Luckily, there a few simple ways to organize your office desk so that you can be efficient throughout the whole work day.  

Purge Your Desk

When you are starting to organize your desk, it is essential to clear out everything, so you have a blank space to work with.  Clutter is detrimental while you are working at your desk so you have to throw out all the clutter.  Once all of your items are away from your desk, you need to decide which objects are essential to you.  When you have decided which items are a necessity for your job, then you can move onto putting everything back on your desk.  

Focus On Office Supplies

Office supplies are important to completing tasks at work, but an excess of supplies on your desk can clutter your work area.  When organizing your desk, you should place items on your desk surface that you will use daily.  If you use specific items a couple of times a week, then you should store them in an easy to reach place in a desk drawer.  You should focus on grouping similar supplies together such as writing utensils and reminder supplies.


If you are working on several projects at once, it is easy to consume your desk with papers and documents.  You should only keep relevant and active projects on your desks that you do not overwhelm yourself.  Important and urgent documents and files should be within arms reach while you are working.  A vertical filing system is a wise item to have at your desk so you can avoid stacking files.  

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