Four Crucial Pieces to Create a Functional Daycare

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A daycare should be a place of magic and creativity – perfect for plenty of playtimes.

You want your daycare to be a place of magic and creativity – perfect for plenty of playtimes. However, it’s essential to produce a functional area with plenty of storage. Whether you are improving an existing space or beginning from scratch, there are several factors to consider when designing a daycare to make it comfortable, creative, and practical. 

The Wardrobe

If your daycare is limited in space, a built-in or freestanding wardrobe can provide lots of space waiting to be customized with more storage. Place a second rail to double your hanging space for all the children’s clothes. Modular drawers and shelving units offer a home for folded clothes, shoes, toys, etc. Your daycare can have a clutter-free zone with everything neatly hidden behind closed doors.

The Reading Area

Encourage reading by creating a cozy and comfortable area for the children to curl up with a good book. A great idea is a large, padded chair, beanbag, or big floor cushion. Place comforting touches such as soft furnishings, a lamp, and a small table to keep existing books. Also, you can hang a canopy from the ceiling or a freestanding teepee for the children to crawl into.

The Toy Chest

A classic toy chest has so much to provide. There’s nothing easier than picking up and throwing all the toys into a big box and closing the lid. A solid toybox can also be used as a seat, perfect for sitting on to put on shoes. Some modern styles come with a pull-out drawer, which leaves a sitting bench on top. Simply fill it with cushions, and the children will have a place to sit and share a book.

The Desk

Children are often busy with something. From playing with Legos to completing homework, a desk comes in handy. The vital thing to a functional desk is to keep it clutter-free when not in use. If your daycare is large, add hanging containers for storage. Ensure there is a spot to place everything once the child is finished with their activities.

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