Ensure Your Patients’ Comfort with These Waiting Room Design Tips

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These simple guidelines will help you design the most accommodating, patient-oriented waiting room for your practice.

The way your waiting room is designed says a lot about who you and your practice are. You want to give a good impression to your patients and make them feel as comfortable as possible while they are waiting for their appointment. It’s also important that you remember that there’s more than just your patients sitting in the waiting room — their friends and family members are usually there with them as well. Make sure that you’re accommodating people who will be sitting your waiting room even longer than some of your patients might be. These simple guidelines will help you design the most accommodating, patient-oriented waiting room for your practice.

Being Productive While Waiting

Wi-Fi is a must in the Digital Age, so go ahead and set up a guest network for your patients. If you have the space to do so, consider adding desks and a charging station for phones, tablets, and laptops. This is especially helpful for friends or family members who are taking time away from their workday to be in a waiting room for a loved one. They can check in with work and maybe even get a little work done while waiting.

Putting the Patient in Control

The layout of your waiting room is another important aspect of waiting room interior design. Allow for the seating in your waiting room to be easily moved so that families can sit in a cluster of chairs together, and people who are solo can sit comfortably. If you have a TV, consider letting your patients and their loved ones have control over the remote so that they may watch what they please while waiting. When people in your waiting room feel more in control, waiting won’t seem nearly as long or as stressful.

Pampering Your Patients

If your budget allows, consider adding some interesting ways that you can pamper your patients while they’re waiting. Some contemporary waiting rooms have found ways to incorporate coffee bars for those who are up for a coffee or tea while waiting. Another idea is adding a massage chair to make your patients feel all the more relaxed.

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