Dormitories : What are residential hall essentials?

Is your college campus constructing or redesigning a residence hall? If yes, Edwards & Hill office Furniture is here to help you design highly attractive habitable areas.

The main rooms students use in college residential halls are the lounges, recreation rooms and most importantly their dorm rooms.

Each of these areas needs to be designed in a way that offers furniture flexibility and maximizes the usability of each area space.

Ideally, kitchen commons should be located in close proximity to the lounges and recreation rooms for added convenience to students.

For these entertainment areas, Edwards & Hill Office Furniture can provide audio/visual equipment to help meet a variety of applications needed for dorm safety presentations, social events and general hangout purposes.

Here is some audio/visual equipment recommended for residence halls:

-Telephones with telephone outlets

-Cable TV


-And other communications equipment.

The Lounge

In the lounge area and recreation rooms, purchase multifunctional, compact and highly mobile furniture. For example, tables with casters are excellent for students as well as mobile coffee tables and cubed bookcases for study lounge areas.

As for the dorm room essentials, here are our recommendations:

-Built-in closets for single bedroom dorms

-Twin XL Beds

-Bunk beds

-Ergonomic seating

-Futon furniture

-And other hospitality furniture items.

The ideal dorm setting will make rearranging furniture a breeze.

High quality dorm furniture is truly a college necessity.

Here at Edwards & Hill Office Furniture, we offer additional services including furniture assembly services and interior design services/space planning. There should be enough room in the dorm setting to offer students the privilege to move work desks back-to-back or side-to-side. They should have the option to move their dressers in closets and more. The more space students have in their dorms, the better.

Checkout our foam filled seating, closet storage systems and more today.

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