Classroom Design Tips

Classroom Design

Create an environment your students will love with these classroom design tips.

Classroom design is important because it can change the way students learn. School days are long and they can feel even longer for students when their learning environment isn’t comfortable. Because your students spend so much time at school, you should make sure it’s a suitable place. Classrooms have evolved over the years so they don’t have to be the uncomfortable places of the past. Innovations in classroom design have made it so that there are many ideas you can use in your classroom. A well-designed classroom can make a huge difference in the way students approach learning. Here are some strategies you can use to design your classroom.

The Teacher’s Desk

A teacher’s desk is a central piece of furniture in your classroom, so it’s important to make sure that you put some thought into it. Having a disorganized desk can not only negatively affect your productivity but it can set a bad example for your students. Consider getting a sturdy desk and using organizers to manage your space. You should ensure that you are using your space as efficiently as possible so you aren’t taking too much space away from your students.

Create A Space For Collaboration

Having a space that is dedicated to collaboration can benefit your students greatly. One idea to promote collaboration is to have a circular table your students can sit at when they’re doing an activity together. This will allow them to maintain eye contact with each other and all feel involved in the discussion. As a circular table, there is no “head” so everyone can feel equally included.

Storage Options

Your classroom can never have enough storage options. Incorporate as many storage options as you can into your overall classroom design. One way to do this is having a desk with a good number of drawers in it. In fact, drawers are a great way to increase the amount of storage space you have in your classroom. You could have drawers dedicated to things like homework, chalk, and other supplies to keep your classroom organized.


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