Making the office a home: Advice from SmartCEO Office Space Roundtable

Tony Hill and Hans Edwards at Smart Ceo Roundtable

Good news! Edwards & Hill Office Furniture has been featured in SmartCEO Office Space Roundtable for the August 2013 edition!

The August SmartCEO Office Space Roundtable focused on designing and furnishing the office as a second home away from home.

It is important to make your office space as comfortable as possible because you spend most of your time at the office.

On average, employees live at work for at least 8 hours a day, five days a week. For CEOs, the office is truly a second home no matter if it’s a home they are happy to come to or not.

The atmosphere of the office can uplift you or plummet your overall outlook about life and your company.

This is why it’s essential for you to invest your money well in your office layout, design, and furnishing.

SmartCEO gathered together a variety of successful architects, interior designers, facilities and professionals to provide useful information on transforming an ordinary office space to a pleasant, comfortable home away from home.

There are many new trends occurring in office design.

One popular trend occurring in new office design is the removal of cubicles from traditional office settings.

The Urban Land Institute (ULI) has reported that employees and employers alike favor:

  • Urban office settings

  • Office settings that implement energy efficiency initiatives

  • Office space that provides a good quality of natural light

  • An environmentally friendly office design

  • Office spaces that promote collaborative work and utmost transparency

What are Edwards & Hill recommendations for transforming an office space into a home away from home?

Tony Hill recommends Zen rooms be designed for the office. Zen rooms are rooms designed for workers to decompress and relax throughout the day when they need a break from work.

Some Zen rooms include water fountains and surround sound of soothing music, while others focus on transforming workspace into workout space to promote physical fitness.

Hill recalls furnishing one clients office with a treadmill desk to help the client burn calories while performing office work.

As for overall office design, collaborative work areas are in high demand.

Collaborative work areas offer the following benefits to professionals:

  • Better use of shared workspaces

  • Flexible furniture design

  • Reduced office square footage usage

Edwards & Hill Office Furniture specializes in optimizing office space to better accommodate tenant improvements in future business development.

Remember, your office is a continuation of your business brand. You want to make the best first impression to clients and employees when they are introduced to your business.

A good office design will help your workers feel positive about your company while also attracting potential clients to your brand.

What matters in office design?

  • Good color scheme

  • Decorative balance

  • A design that complements your company culture

  • And a good open office layout to promote collaborative work.

Bottom line: Your office should give clients and employees the impression that you care about them.

The following are office design tips you can utilize to help your office space serve as a positive extension of your brand, your culture:

  • Design your office in a way that promotes mobility and flexibility

  • Insulate walls or have obscure glass installed for the office to offer visual privacy as well as acoustic privacy for clients and employees alike. When sound and visual noise is moderated, overall work productivity increases as well as overall health of workers.

  • Offer state-of-the art technology at your business to establish an innovative business.

  • Offer good lighting for office desks and conference rooms to help workers focus better.

SmartCeo Roundtable discussion on making a office a home

If you are ready to transform your office into a home away from home, Edwards & Hill Office Furniture is here to provide you a variety of professional products and services for your commercial business.

Have a look at our office corporate furniture and supplies to get started.

In addition to offering high quality furniture items at a competitive price, we also provide commercial interior design, furniture moving, project management, warehousing services and other office services/ installations.

Listen now to the SmartCEO Office Space Roundtable for more insider scoop. You can also take a look at  pictures from the round-table event.

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