Preparing for Office Relocation the Right Way

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Although office relocation will need a lot of boxes to move, these are ways to help prepare everyone.

Some businesses are fine with their office space. But others are looking for something new. So, a full office relocation may be in the cards for them. One thing’s for sure– office relocation is never easy. Each business has a lot of assets that will need to be moved, sold, or given away, depending on their importance. This doesn’t even include the many services required during an office relocation, such as cleaning, furniture warehousing, or moving professionals. Despite this, office relocation is a necessary move for many companies, so here is how to tackle it with as little struggle as possible. 

Plan Way Ahead

The most important part of office relocation is to have a thorough plan in place. If you are considering office relocation, you should always have your company’s lease or rent agreements in mind and should aim to start planning anywhere from six months to a year ahead for best results. A rushed plan will not only probably result in damaged items or furniture or lost materials, but it also severely lowers your chance of finding the appropriate services required on such short notice. 

Communicate Intent of Office Relocation to Everyone

It should be made clear to each and every employee well ahead of the move that you will be going through an office relocation process. This is especially important if your company will be moving to a newly designed office far away from the previous location. While many employees may choose to stay, some will need to know if the new location will not work out for them and need ample time to look elsewhere. For the employees that are staying, make sure to maintain clear communication each step of the way. This includes advising of the new address, any deadlines to pack their belongings to be moved, and more.

Deep Clean the Office

Before moving, you will likely only want to bring what’s absolutely necessary. This means it’s probably a good time to look through your archives and closets. Shredding old, unused documents and donating or repurposing old furniture products is probably a good place to start. This is also the time to consider what is worth keeping and what should be replaced, like copiers or printers. 

Hire Office Relocation Experts

Lastly, make a reservation with office relocation professionals to make the moving process much smoother than doing it on your own. This includes moving services, furniture storage, and even interior designers that can help plan out the layout of your soon-to-be office location. 

Choose Edwards & Hill for Your Office Furniture and Design Needs

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