Office Design Tips to Reflect the Comforts of Home

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Check out the following office design tips to reflect the comforts of home.

When you design the office to feel like home, you are making your workspace feel welcoming and comfortable. Some people thrive when they can work from home. However, if you cannot work from home, there are ways to design the office environment to bring the home feeling to work. When employees feel like they may enjoy their workspace, they are generally happier and more productive in the office. Check out the following office design tips to reflect the comforts of home.

Organized Office

If your home is tidy, you should also keep your office that way. For instance, desk organizers help stash your reports and pens. Also, store extra office supplies and work items in drawers or standing shelves. Consider getting a coat rack if you find yourself tossing your bag, coat, or umbrella on the closest furniture piece or the floor. In addition, make sure your office design includes ample storage functions to keep your workspace messy and stress-free.

Add More to Invoke the Comforts of Home

Even though a nice ergonomic chair or computer desk are excellent pieces of workplace furniture, you may add so much more to your office design to bring that cozy feeling of home. So, rather than using a desk lamp or overhead fluorescent lights, set up a freestanding lamp near your desk. A wood-constructed bookshelf also adds a homey touch to the room. Or have a communal dining table around the office to encourage interaction among coworkers. Overall, it’s ideal for chatting over coffee or acting as a shared workspace.

Comfortable Work

If possible, recreate the pleasant working conditions you might enjoy working from home. So, keep your favorite drinks and snacks on hand by stocking them in a mini-fridge within your office. Do you prefer some background noise or listening to music while working? Easy. Plug in your headphones and play your favorite music. Some enjoy working from home because they like to kick back on their couch while completing tasks. To accomplish something similar but more office-appropriate, consider placing an ergonomic footrest under your desk to redevelop some of that comfort.

Choose Edwards & Hill for Your Office Furniture and Design Needs

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