Do You Want Privacy in an Open Office Space?

edwards and hill want privacy in an open office space

If you want privacy in an open office space, having a quiet area is also about personal preference.

Nowadays, collaboration is the main focus in the modern workspace. The walls come down, communication is active more than ever, and design promotes idea sharing. Even with office cubicle systems, open office space is more available than ever, so where does that leave privacy?

The Significance of Privacy

If open-concept design promotes some of the most desirable employee behaviors – creativity, collaboration, problem-solving, and communication- then is privacy essential enough to add to the office design? Yes.

  • Private meetings: There is always a need for a private meeting area, whether it’s to discuss with a client one-on-one, meet with employees, or hold bad or performance reviews. These are reasons for you to want privacy in an open office space.
  • Distraction-free space: If you want privacy in an open office space, having a quiet area is also about personal preference. Some employees require privacy to focus and perform their best work.


Overall, companies can decide on one design concept or the other. It’s all about balance. There should be privacy needs and requirements for a collaborative, open-concept workspace. These will differ according to your business, industry, and company culture. Some ideas to inspire you to include:

  • Designate quiet spaces for multi-use, where an employee comes into work as they require, whether it’s to answer a phone call or complete a task.
  • A possible mobile screening (to move as needed) or fixed in place. These can provide visual privacy and minimize distractions. You can also receive desk-mounted screens that divide various workstations.
  • Noise absorbers and soft furnishings ensure sound doesn’t travel easily throughout the office. This allows people to talk and type without distracting others or making communication hard.

Balance privacy and collaboration with modern office concept with Edwards & Hill. They can assist you in making a functional and appealing workspace that supports your brand and help your employees maximize their productivity. Besides our wide range of office furniture, our team can also assist you with interior workspace design.

Choose Edwards & Hill for Your Office Furniture and Design Needs

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