What’s Unique About Collaborating with an MBE Company?

edwards & hill collaborating with an mbe company

So, what’s unique about collaborating with an MBE company?

At Edwards & Hill Office Furniture, we are proud of our status as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE). In addition, we have MBE certifications in Maryland and other states, such as Connecticut and Pennsylvania. You may be curious as to what this indicates – is collaborating with or buying from an MBE contractor different than other ventures you enter into? It is. Partnering with an MBE is beneficial. So, what’s unique about collaborating with an MBE company?

How Does an MBE Company Differ From Other Companies?

We are glad you asked! There are numerous benefits that accrue from collaborating with an MBE company.

An MBE Protects a Business’ Ability to Deliver

Developing a wide range of domestic suppliers protects the corporation from unexpected market shifts and disruptions in a supplier’s ability to deliver. Due to increased competition, there is a lower ownership’s total cost. Of course, it only makes excellent business to seek out and use the best business partners.

Growth Opportunities

Minority-owned businesses in America’s urban centers, such as Baltimore and Washington, D.C., introduce opportunities for corporations to strengthen their supplier networks and provide untapped growth areas. As a result, an inclusive supply base boosts value and standing with different governmental and NGO agencies. It also aligns corporations with their stockholders and employees.

Making Business with Emerging Markets

Doing business with MBE companies enhances employment opportunities in minority communities. In addition, it increases purchasing power and creates an affinity for a company’s brand(s) or items within this fast-growing markets.

Promising Experience and Competence

Before applying for MBE status, minority-owned organizations must be in business for at least one year. That way, you know you’re working with an experienced firm devoted to building a thriving enterprise.

Since MBEs compete for government-funded projects, you are assured that their companies are regulated and in good standing. So, you don’t have to worry about shady business practices, payment problems, or under-qualified staff in your supply chain. Ultimately, these are the benefits of collaborating with an MBE company.

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