Office Design Trends of 2015

Office-Trends-2015Now that 2015 is upon us, trends are beginning to take shape for the upcoming New Year. Some of the trends being focused on for the upcoming year are those in the office setting. With the continuous evolution in technology, office spaces are being designed in fun and new ways. Here are some expected office design trends for 2015:

  1. Standing Workstations- More workstations and office spaces are implementing standing desks instead of the traditional sitting desk. This is because a standing desk is not only healthier for the body, but easier for communication. Those standing are more likely to communicate more efficiently with team members than those sitting at a traditional desk.
  2. Compact Workstations- As technology allows for devices to become smaller, the size of our work areas are becoming smaller as well. This means that offices are becoming more open and less cluttered as more businesses continue to go paper-free.
  3. Color- Instead of the traditional white walls, offices are beginning to embrace different colors to help increase creativity and overall mood within the space. Offices are also encouraging artwork throughout the work areas to help boost morale and increase creativity amongst their team.
  4. Meeting Area- Instead of the traditional enclosed, conference room setting, office design is making way for a more open, central meeting area. This means that collaboration and discussions are encouraged without the hindrance of walls. An open office space allows communication to flow freely throughout the space, helping to increase overall productivity.
  5. Technology- Office design is also making way to help incorporate technology trends within the work areas. As video conferencing and wireless networks continue to gain steam, offices are beginning to use these technology trends to create their own, more open and accommodating trends.


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