Decorating your Office this Holiday Season

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Next week, families and friends across the nation will be gathering around a dinner table to enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving feast, which can only mean one thing; the holiday season is finally here! Now is the perfect time to consider how you should decorate your office space this holiday season. While decorating for the holiday season is a great way to boost morale and spread cheer around the office, poor decorating can cause decreased productivity. Use these simple decorating tips to get your staff excited for the holiday season.

  1. Use neutral colors when decorating for the holiday season rather than bright, saturated colors. Silver and gold will blend nicely with almost any interior design without distracting your team from their work.
  2. Use white holiday lights to add brightness to the office, especially past 4:00. Many offices try to utilize as much natural light as possible, which is becoming difficult now that the sun sets earlier. Holiday lights mixed with the dimming natural light will keep your staff on task into the later hours of the work day.
  3. Use edible decorations to celebrate the holiday season. Bowls throughout the office filled with seasonal fruits, candies, and baked goods are great ways to show your seasonal cheer while also gaining some extra energy throughout the day.
  4. Use live seasonal plants to decorate the office for the holiday season. Plants are great ways to brighten the office, and winter plants typically require little to no maintenance.
  5. Instead of bringing in a large tree with ornaments, incorporate bows and ribbons throughout the office. These are subtle decorations that will boost morale throughout the space without being too bulky or distracting.
  6. Incorporate a holiday food or clothing drive as your decoration. Decorate a box or bin with festive wrapping paper and allow team members to make donations leading up to the holidays.


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