Classroom Organization for Productivity

Classroom Organization

Teachers who have young students, ranging from grades first to third, understand how difficult it can be to keep their students engaged and on task. If the subject doesn’t interest them, their young minds tend to wander and the subject matter becomes lost to them. However, classroom organization can help to keep young students on task and productive.

Classroom Organization: Group Area

When working in a large group during class time, have your students organized in a circle. This will allow teachers to easily engage every student while allowing students to easily interact with one another. A circle allows everyone, including the teacher, to be seen and heard at all times, which helps the teacher keep their students on task. Want to get the students engaged immediately? Create a game of rearranging the furniture into a circle. Have the students use their teamwork and communication skills to create a circle in a certain amount of time.

Classroom Organization: Desk Area

As you organize the seating and work areas for students, try to have the tables and desks organized in a pattern. This will help engage the students during lessons while also making it easier for teachers to interact with their class. If you use individual desks, consider grouping them in threes and fours to help encourage group work. If you use larger tables, be sure to space the students out to make the seating arrangement comfortable. If students feel cramped or crowded, they are less likely to stay focused during a lesson. Once your students return from their winter break, consider rearranging the pattern of your desks. Ask the students how they feel about their seating arrangement and get them involved in changing the look of the classroom. A simple switch in desk placement can help reengage students during the second half of the school year.


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